Alex Welsh

Much of Alex Welsh’s portfolio is photojournalism, mainly in and around San Francisco. In his own bio on his website he expresses a wish for his photographs to confront they’re audience and create a dialogue about the issues that are the real the subjects in his photographs. I think it is an admirable example of photojournalism, something i’d like to blog more about in future.

A child watches as the playground at the Alice Griffith ‘Double Rock’ projects in San Fransisco burns to the ground after being set on fire. Double Rock is slated for redevelopment in 2011  and residents must stay in ‘good standing’ with the housing authority and the developer Lenner to be eligible for a unit in the development.

Speedy, a young man from the Oakdale projects, admires his chain in the afternooon light while sitting in a van with his friends on Navy Road. In 2007, the city of San Francisco created its first ever gang injunction against the ‘Oakdale Mob’, listing over 20 young men allegedly involved in gang activity on the block. Today, most of the kids on the block, like Speedy, are under the age of 18, many of whom don’t live there anymore but come to see their friends.

The Branner family crowds around the ice cream truck on a hot day.

Residents of the Hunter View project celebrate the life of Martel ‘Gully’ Peters with a dance party on the block after his funeral. Peter was shot 16 times in the Army street projects after being lured into an ambush. His brother ‘Nook’ and his sister Tati moved away from Hunter View shorty after.

Hudd Allison fixes his eye in a mirror after being jumped in the street a few nights before. “I’ve been homeless for only one week and I didn’t think it could get any worse. Now I lost my vision in one eye.”



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