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Noma Bar – Negative Space

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Noma Bar a graphic designer who has previously published a collection called “Guess Who” and early in 2009 published “Negative Space”. Just something that has caught my attention as smart simple graphic design.


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Hamlet’s Helmet – from Onir!c design studio

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“to live or not to live”

Greg Williams

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Greg Williams is generally quite a commercial photographer. Shooting quite a few ads and celebrities. However this is a photo i like of his for its composition and for the architectural merit of the subject building in the picture.

Carsten Witte’s nude’s

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Carsten Witte is a photographer who only seems to shoot nude’s which he often pairs with a texture from nature which are then both treated by his filters and style.

You can see the entire collection on his website

My self branding project for uni. It’s a day in the head of me.

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Alternatively the video is available on here:

Part 1 is my morning, much of my activities are backwards because for me mornings are that way… I’m not a morning person!

The end of Part 1 shows me jumping into a projection which shows the logo for my university course (Advertising and Brand Communication at the University for the Creative Arts). Before I make that jump into the course logo, I walk into a room labelled B09 which is the room I have my lectures in.

Part 2 is the second half of the day showing how I spend much of my time in my own world, even when surrounded by friends. It reflects some of the more dream-like aspects of the way my mind views the world.

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